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              A letter from Guya Merkle  - My Year 2016

A letter from Guya Merkle - My Year 2016

Dear VIERI clients, partners, and friends,

2016 - What a year! I have to pause for a moment and reflect on everything that has happened. The year started off with the wonderful news of my pregnancy. There now was a baby growing in my womb while my other baby VIERI, was also growing further. We have achieved so much this year, mostly thanks to you. Our collections are growing, the fight for more awareness to use and buy ethically sourced gold is getting stronger and we have a lot in stall for 2017. Make sure to follow us on our journey, it will be epic!


In 2016 we finally met the milestone of an  Online Store with VIERI. I am very happy that it was so well received.

Our collections also developed further. We added the new Candy Collection. The idea came after a look into the family's own jewel box: Creating new rings from recycled gold around the existing stones. This is how we created a collection of unique pieces, handcrafted in Berlin, who are clean and modern in their design while being youthful and playful.

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Our Clouds Collection also grew this year. New pieces were created that take on the clouds theme – the Tiny Clouds and the Golden Clouds. It was important to me that the collection can appeal to everyone.


The  Earthbeat Foundation brought much news this year. Unfortunately, due to my growing belly, I wasn’t able to travel to Uganda myself. But my fantastic team took over for me and fulfilled everything with passion. It became apparent very soon that the next project will be all about the bees and their honey. That’s how we developed the project heartbeat honey in the course of the year. With a lot of fun and enthusiasm, we were able to crowdfund the project on startnext more than successfully. I want to thank my team and all of the donors and supporters wholeheartedly. We’re looking forward to realizing the project next year and to a lot of yummy honey.


As I do every year, I want to thank the press. We were amazed by the great coverage and many clippings. I was especially honored to be nominated by the ICON. Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary.


Finally, in August, our baby boy arrived safe and sound. Day 2, after his birth, things with VIERI really got going. It became apparent very soon that my maternity break would be reduced to just one week of eight planned ones.


Well, now I really am a working mom. It’s more complicated than I thought because many times I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I am incredibly lucky that it works this well. Also because my baby boy and my VIERI baby get along so well. It certainly remains exciting – I’m looking forward to the next year with all the challenges and opportunities it will bring.


We received even more great news just before the end of the year: VIERI was awarded the Butterfly Mark by  Positive Luxury. We are now part of a community of positive brands, amongst others such as Aveda, Burberry, Guerlain, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Weleda.


Thanks so much for this amazing year,


18k Goldschmuck aus nachhaltiger Produktion

All VIERI Fine Jewellery rings, pendants, necklaces, and jewellery for the neck, ear and arms are exclusively produced in 750 (18 karat) rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Colourful gemstones, used in the collections, are of a high-quality, come from transparent sources, responsibly acting mining cooperations, or are recycled. All of our diamonds, used for bespoke pieces such as engagement rings or solitaire rings, are from conflict-free zones. We want to take this even further, and therefore we mainly work with recycled diamonds and are on the constant lookout for sustainable sources.
Our production is based in Italy and Germany. We can therefore, combine handmade quality with tradition. The closeness to our goldsmiths makes it possible to be close to the product on all production stages, to be able to fulfil our customer’s wishes.