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              Engagement Ring Guide Part.1

Engagement Ring Guide Part.1

The heart begins to race, a tender feeling of dizziness sets in, and in that one moment it seems that nothing could be more important than that the world stands still for a few precious minutes.

A firework of emotions, during which you no longer seem to know which way is up or down, or left and right. All you know is that you want to say YES when the words stop. Because out of sheer happiness and tears you are not really following what he has to say anyway ... and, with the hormones doing somersaults, you actually just want to cry, laugh, scream and embrace the world and him.

At least that’s how it was for me when my boyfriend – I mean fiancé – got down on his knees a few months ago to ask me to be his wife.

There are no words for it and, even as I try to write down my feelings here, I realise that it simply does not work. And that’s just as well. Because this moment happens between two people and is theirs forever!

For all its romance and intimacy, the moment of the engagement also requires a lot of preparation – and let’s be honest – that’s precisely what we find so incredibly romantic and wonderful: the considerable thought and attention to detail that have gone into finding the perfect place, the perfect words and – now we come to what matters most – the perfect ring!

And if I can let you in on another secret, the nicest thing about an engagement ring is to know that it is not just perfect for you but is simply only perfect for you.

And here I come to my first piece of well-meant advice: 

Size doesn’t matter!

Contrary to the custom in the United States, where a ring has to cost at least three months’ wages, elsewhere you are free to choose. Fortunately!

So always consider what sort of a woman your future wife is. An engagement ring – and here I can again speak from personal experience – is something that you will never want to take off again. A ring that is very large can sometimes be bothersome. Does your chosen one have simpler, more natural tastes or is she more flamboyant in style? Is she a member of the squash team or does she prefer yoga? Is gardening one of her hobbies or does she prefer to go out with her friends and is the local delivery service’s best customer? If you know your loved one, then you will very quickly know what kind of stone and size suits her. And for all those who – despite the fact that their girlfriend loves smallness and discreetness – would like to create a special wow experience, there are still birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other opportunities to conjure the occasional 1 or 2 carat surprise from up your sleeve.



Therefore what matters is not so much the size of the stone as the type of ring. Traditionally, an engagement ring consists of a solitaire (single stone) set in a ring band.

What I have noticed, however, and also endorse, is that increasingly fewer engagement rings are purchased off the shelf. This is about focusing on individuality, on finding the perfect ring for the perfect woman.

There are basically no limits to the type of ring – whether solitaire, wedding band or multiple stones in different mountings, sizes and colours. Everything is conceivable in the search for the ring that will make her happy.

In Part Two of my Vieri Engagement Ring Guide, I will talk about a very important question, when it comes to engagement rings: Does it always have to be a diamond?

18k Goldschmuck aus nachhaltiger Produktion

All VIERI Fine Jewellery rings, pendants, necklaces, and jewellery for the neck, ear and arms are exclusively produced in 750 (18 karat) rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Colourful gemstones, used in the collections, are of a high-quality, come from transparent sources, responsibly acting mining cooperations, or are recycled. All of our diamonds, used for bespoke pieces such as engagement rings or solitaire rings, are from conflict-free zones. We want to take this even further, and therefore we mainly work with recycled diamonds and are on the constant lookout for sustainable sources.
Our production is based in Italy and Germany. We can therefore, combine handmade quality with tradition. The closeness to our goldsmiths makes it possible to be close to the product on all production stages, to be able to fulfil our customer’s wishes.