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The Essential Collection combines everything that is important to VIERI - creating beautiful jewellery that accompanies people and at the same time makes the world a more beautiful place, piece by piece.

With Closing the Loop, VIERI has found the right partner for the new Essential Collection - Closing the Loop has set itself the task of extracting precious metals from electronic waste and concentrates on the collection and recycling of mobile phones in Africa together with local partners. With the Essentials Collection it's all about this impact and to put it in the spotlight, Guya Merkle has decided to focus on timelessness, which gives the story behind it the greatest possible space. The classics are made in 18k rose, white and yellow gold in Germany and include rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The stones that enhance the jewellery are exclusively sapphires of the best quality and from sustainable mining in Sri Lanka. Let yourself be enchanted by the classic design of the VIERI Essential Collection, which is at the same time the perfect companion for everyday life, the classic gifts for special occasions and at the same time do something good.

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One of the precious metals contained in mobile phones is gold

"Already at the beginning of VIERI we focused on constantly improving, not to rest on the existing solutions that had been found for sustainable work with gold and precious stones. Around 25 million people worldwide, including 1 million children, continue to work in small-scale mining, which accounts for 20% of annual gold production and causes extreme damage to people and the environment.“, so Guya Merkle.

"Since we have always wanted to improve ourselves in the past and throughout the history of VIERI and were constantly looking for ways to make gold 100% sustainable and thus create the greatest possible impact, I am more than proud to launch for the first time a collection that not only uses recycled gold, but also recycled gold that can be traced back to old mobile phones, so-called electronic scrap," says Guya Merkle.

A partner of Closing the Loop prepares some bags for shipment.

Background: About two thirds of our used phones end up in developing countries where there is no proper recycling infrastructure. However, their contents - such as heavy metals and flame retardants - also cause a dangerous waste problem that affects the health of land, water, air and people. E-waste is the largest growing waste stream in the world. Closing the Loop collects mobile phones from countries where they cannot be recycled. In these countries, this has a positive impact on the income of the project participants and on the environment. The phones are recycled responsibly and produce gold, silver, palladium and copper. In short, Closing the Loop addresses the challenge of electronic waste in developing countries, especially for end-of-life equipment, involving local partners to promote entrepreneurship and employability.

The impact of the new Essential Collection could therefore not be greater. Not only does VIERI use the gold from the phones to create beautiful and timeless pieces of jewellery, but by working with Closing the Loop VIERI also creates a positive impact on the communities in African countries that collect this e-waste, thus making a statement on the problematic practices related to e-waste.

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18k Goldschmuck aus nachhaltiger Produktion

All VIERI Fine Jewellery rings, pendants, necklaces, and jewellery for the neck, ear and arms are exclusively produced in 750 (18 karat) rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Colourful gemstones, used in the collections, are of a high-quality, come from transparent sources, responsibly acting mining cooperations, or are recycled. All of our diamonds, used for bespoke pieces such as engagement rings or solitaire rings, are from conflict-free zones. We want to take this even further, and therefore we mainly work with recycled diamonds and are on the constant lookout for sustainable sources.
Our production is based in Italy and Germany. We can therefore, combine handmade quality with tradition. The closeness to our goldsmiths makes it possible to be close to the product on all production stages, to be able to fulfil our customer’s wishes.