It is my vision to build a company that not only produces and acts responsibly, but also makes the world a more beautiful and better place with its products.

It is my vision to build a company that not only produces and acts responsibly but also makes the world a more beautiful and better place with its products.

My love of jewellery began in my very early ages when I was playing in my father’s safe with all these beautiful little gems. I travelled to all the trade fairs and appointments with my family and was quite familiar with the way business was done in the earlier days. Although I loved every second of my travels with my parents, I was quite sure that I would never work in jewellery my entire life.

And well, here I am. After the sudden death of my father, I felt strongly responsible for his work and my family’s passion. During my studies at the GIA in London, I felt that I am more connected to Jewellery, as I ever thought I was. But there was this one link missing to entirely committing myself to this new challenge.

I found the missing link in Peru on a mountain in a mining community. I was so touched by the way gold was extracted, and I just knew that this was not right. There can’t be an inequality like this happening in an industry that is consists of emotions, desire, and luxury. I felt that this could be my chance to step into the footsteps of my family but giving it my own personal touch.

VIERI is working exclusively with ethical and recycled gold, and by founding the earthbeat foundation, I wanted to make sure to do even more. Bringing awareness to the topic of gold mining and picturing a positive vision of what it could be like in the future.

The sources of inspiration for my creations are especially the roles women take on in the modern world. Eager to portray every facet of the contemporary woman, VIERI celebrates the diversity, drive, accomplishments, and positivity of women. Every aspect of the woman is mirrored in my collections, suited for every occasion, every moment, every emotion, and feeling at hand.

Our Credo

We believe that Fine Jewellery and responsible business practice cannot exist without each other.

Driven by the desire to create a positive impact in every aspect of the company, Guya Merkle made this her mission, as she founded VIERI Fine Jewellery.
All our jewellery creations are exclusively produced in 18 karat recycled rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. There are a few exceptions, where we are using 14 karat recycled gold, but we always make sure you notice that.
Colourful gemstones, used in the collections, are of a high-quality, come from transparent sources, responsibly acting mining cooperations, or are vintage.
Our production is based in Italy and Germany. We can therefore, combine handmade quality with tradition. The closeness to our goldsmiths makes it possible to be close to the product on all production stages, to be able to fulfil our customer’s wishes.

It is our mission to create as much impact as possible. Therefore VIERI gives back. We support the Earthbeat Foundation along the way of bringing sustainable income solutions to communities in gold mining affected areas. If you want to learn more, click here.